The good news is….I finally got internet access at home.
The bad news is…I finally got internet access at home.

I had it intermittently for a while…through Verizon, using my Blackberry as a modem. Verizon has a “deal” where you can tether your Blackberry to your laptop and use it as a modem for your computer to get internet access using your cell. The down sides are that it costs $30/month and that you have a 5 Gig limit before they start tacking on extra charges. Heck, I go over 5 Gigs every month just on the Blackberry itself. Boooo, bad Verizon. So, I’d get it activated for when I traveled so I had internet access on the road. And then I’d deactivate it when I got back.

Kathy J scored some major points today when she introduced me to Tetherberry. Tetherberry is a program you pay for ONCE – $49.95 – that you use to tether your Blackberry to your laptop and allows you to use your current data plan from your Blackberry. My data plan is UNLIMITED. So I pay $49.95 one time and have unlimited internet access instead of $30/month and only 5 Gigs from Verizon. Yeaaaayyyyy!!!

It’s not exactly the speed I get at the shop or at work but it works for email, general surfing, and even some minor web development. The speedtest came back at 400+ down and 100+ up. I’ll take it.

So my resolution to not have internet access at home is out the window because it’s just so darn cheap and easy. I plan to be disciplined about it though. STOP LAUGHING!!! But I’m still not giving in on the TV.

And the best part is…the site is built on Drupal!!!! So it HAS to be good!