uglymudder2007.jpgNever got around to writing a blog post about it but I also ran the Ugly Mudder Trail race on Feb. 25, 2007. It was my first race in over 7 years (most of which I hadn’t run much at all). I’ve just started getting back into running consistently in the past few months. This one was a great motivator because it was so much fun. It definitely wasn’t a typical race. It was a race of shuffling, sliding on your butt, pulling yourself from tree to tree, and generally trying to stay vertical on 7.x miles of trail. We had gotten a foot of snow the week before. Then, during the week it got warm enough to melt and rain and then refreeze in time for the race. The trail had turned into a solid sheet of ice.

Most of us had a lot of fun helping each other to the finish. I’m not sure about how the people who left patches of blood on the trail felt about the race. I’ll spare you all the details but if you’re interested you can read a pretty accurate review of the Ugly Mudder on Cool Running.