I’ve just been through what was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life – a two-week long quest to get a backup of some files on my hosting account from a web server that suddenly no longer existed. (Don’t even get me started.) Fortunately I had a current backup of all of my sites. Unfortunately, there were a couple other sites on my account that I was just hosting and didn’t develop. There were some files that they needed. I requested a backup of the files from the server. They do daily backups after all…all hosting companies do. Three days later I had a lovely 166 Meg backup file that was completely corrupted. I could only extract 3 files from it…none of which I needed. I argued with the web host that the file was corrupt. They finally agreed after 4 days that the file was indeed corrupt and promised to get me another backup. After repeatedly getting conflicting information and multiple promises (6 at last count) that a request would be submitted for a second backup but never was, I was told yesterday that a backup could no longer be retrieved. That they only keep 3 days worth of backups on hand and then they’re overwritten. Yeah, sure. I’ve thrown my hands up in disgust, filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the online Better Business Bureau, and sent the corrupted backup to a data recovery specialist to see what he could extract.

I’ve moved all the sites that I had on the 1and1.com account over to my private server at HostMySite.com…which is located in Delaware….close enough to actually wring some necks should anything like this go wrong with them. Not likely though…they are an outstanding company.

I’ll be adding the pictures back to this site as I have time. (read: over the next few months or so)

Moral of the story…backup, backup, backup, then backup another 10 times.