It was a cold and windy morning in Lebanon, PA. Nevertheless, there were still people wearing shorts to run the inaugural YMCA 5K/10K. Crazy nuts! And members of the HARD Runners group were among those nuts. There were 14 of us from the group that ran it. Most ran the 10K, a few the 5K. Among the highlights were Mike’s Elf/Turkey costume:


and getting to meet Noah (Marc’s son) who Marc pushed in the stroller for the entire 10K and still came in with an impressive time.


Out of the 14 members of the group that ran, 9 of them placed in the top three in their age groups. Quite a haul this race! Here are some more pics of the event:

Well, we found the start. Let’s hope we see the finish.

All lined up with a 5K or 10K to go.

Mike completes his 5K

I’m coming into the home stretch.

Mother/son duo AJ and Kathy ran the 5K

Cindy on the left and Shawn, looking a little chilly, in the middle, AJ on the right. Emma and Jen in the background on the left.

Marc (the wuss!) hides in his car during the awards ceremony. He said it was to keep Noah warm. Uh huh. Sure!

Hanging out during the awards – Steve, Nicole, Mike, Me