letter.jpgStarted out this weekend with a good laugh. Found a note from the previous owner in my mailbox. Here is a copy of it. Keep in mind that we closed on Oct. 10th. I received the letter 3 and a half weeks later on Nov. 3. I hate to tell him but everything’s been cleared out and either burned or taken to the dump. Bummer. BTW, he never did forward his mail elsewhere.

Met the neighbors this weekend and got a better idea of where the property boundaries are. Can’t wait to get the place surveyed in the spring to know for sure.

Spent the weekend tearing off shingles, replacing fascia boards, and drip edges, and getting ready to reshingle next weekend. A bunch of people from the running group came out to help – Shawn, Erin, Gail, Nat, and Rob. Thanks guys!!!

shawn.jpg me.jpg gail.jpg erin.jpg

The new windows also arrived…but they were the wrong sizes. Grrrr! I gave them the sizes of the rough openings and they ordered them as the exact sizes of the windows. None of them fit in the openings. :-( Reordered them and they should be in in two weeks.

Got a propane tank in and hooked up this morning (Thursday). The tech who hooked everything up was a super nice guy and cleaned out the wall unit for me in order to get the heater to light. Now I have heat!!! I can go back and work inside without freezing!