Up at 5:15 to finish packing and head to breakfast at a pancake restaurant at 5:45. We (Bill, Keith, and me) shared a shuttle back to the trail and started a long 8 mile uphill slog. We crested the saddle by noon and were treated to beautiful views. We continued the 2 miles down the trail as storms materialized to the south. Shotrly after we reached the only shelter on the trail (Green Creek Shelter) it started pouring down rain. Other hikers and a biker straggled in soggy. We all ate lunch and waited around for the rain to stop. An hour and a half later, I was again pushing through the last 4 miles with tired hips and legs. By 6 pm, all the hikers (not the biker) that were in the shelter were at the campsite setting up tents and making supper.