When I got up at 6:30, Tyler was already gone, planning to do 25 miles to the only shelter on the trail. That was the last I’d be seeing of him! My goal was just to get to the Salida Hostel where I could get a shower, wash my clothes, and celebrate the halfway point with pizza, Ben & Jerry’s, a haircut, and a zero day and recover for a 7 day push to Creede.

More hot, dry terrain. Put my head down and daydreamed my way to the end of the 15 miles since my iPod battery died. By 3 o’clock I’d reached the main road and was thumbing it for a ride to Salida. Within 15 minutes a 17 year old girl stopped and picked me up. She seemed sweet. She dropped me off at a McDonalds on the outskirts of town where I couldn’t resist a mango smoothie. Sipping my smoothie and getting brain freeze, I walked the last mile to the hostel.

First thing first after getting checked in….PIZZA! Then back tot he hostel for a shower, don my rain gear, and do laundry. I was really styling for about an hour. I met up with Keith and Bill. Bill and I walked to Safeway for my Ben & Jerry’s. Then off to bed in a co-ed dorm room with 8 bunks.