Slept in a little this morning because of the late night. Got moving, packed and drove the 2 hours to the trail head just south of Bailey to jump in where we left off by noon. I’d be continuing on and finishing the remainder of the 460 miles solo (errr….with my dog, Cassie) as Sandy could only take 2 weeks of vacation at a time.

Hiked 10 miles, 7 of which were uphill – much of it steep. Ugh. Reached my campsite for the night by 6 in a valley along a creek at 10,200 ft…in among cow patties. :-\ I had to watch where I stepped and keep Cassie on a short leash so she didn’t roll in any fresh ones.

Filtered water, set up the tent and contents, ate supper, and got cleaned up by 7 and hit the sack – the first night in my new tent!