Camped on Indian Creek Trail (6500 ft.)

Not sure how the altitude would affect us, nor how strenuous the trail would be, I’d scheduled 4 miles for the day. We reached mile 4 at 9 am. We took a break at a creek and weighed our options – sit and twiddle our thumbs for the rest of the day or hike 8 miles to the next water source. The 8 miles won.

At our break we ate a snack – that’s one of the great things about backpacking – it gives you license to eat a Snickers bar at 9 o’clock in the morning!

Three miles later at a break, we bet our first fellow thru-hiker – Lance from Kansas.

Finally arrived at the South Platte River around 5 and what we thought was going to be home for the night. The tent was all set up, water filtered, we’d washed up, and I was cooking dinner when a forest ranger showed up and told us we were camping illegally. We found the sign that said no camping laying in the grass next to teh campsite after he left. Our options were to hike 4.5 miles further down the trail where we’d have to carry enough water for tonight and tomorrow or hoof it 1/4 mile back up the mountain we just came down. We finished supper, packed everything back up, and retraced the last 1/4 mile of our steps. We re-setup the tent, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags, and got the dogs fed and situated and crawled in the tent just in the nick of time. The storm that had been brewing all morning let loose!

Prehistoric evidence on the trail.

Prehistoric evidence on the trail.