Arrived in Colorado after an eventless 2.5 day, 1700-mile drive and went directly to the Trail.  Took the dogs on a short walk and started feeling the effects of the altitude. Packed them back  into the car to go search for some food and a place to bed down for the night.  A roadside BBQ joint and a primitive campground turned out to be the only choices unless we wanted to drive back into the Denver area.  So much for shaving one last time before hitting the trail.

After setting up camp at Kenosha Pass Campground at 10,000 ft., filling the water containers, and taking the dogs for another short walk, I had a splitting headache from the oxygen deprivation and was out of breath with every move.  Sandy didn’t feel a thing.  I started secretly planning to make her pack heavier than mine so I could keep up.

Not feeling too well and wanting to be rested for the first day on the trail tomorrow, I turned in at 7:30. 

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