NOTE: See edits at the end of this text. Ebay will not allow me to add to the description

1992 Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer – 19 footer. I’m the second owner and it’s been well taken care of by me and the former owner. It passed PA state inspection last month and registration is up-to-date. There are 2 – 30lb propane tanks on the back that are about 4 years old. Battery was replaced last month. Everything works – water pump, oven, stove, lights, shower, toilet, etc. There are no problems that I know of other than the tires. I replaced 1 of the tires at inspection and the other 3 will probably need to be replaced in the near future. Includes a bunch of extras including the stabilizers, hoses, hookups, outdoor shower, etc.

7-day money back guarantee (less Ebay, Paypal, and shipping/pickup costs) if you’re not completely satisfied.

Located in central PA – 20 miles east of Harrisburg. Call 717-867-0473 and leave message to schedule an appointment to view. Or let me know if there’s something specific you want a picture of and I’ll post it. Contact info.


Edits – Forgot to mention:

1.When I bought it 4 years ago, the awning had a hole in one of the corners. I opened it up once to look at it. Seemed ok other than that. Haven’t had it open since.

2. On two of the windows, there is a problem. They crank open fine but don’t crank closed. You have to go outside and push them closed. I think it’s just the knobs that need replaced. Forgot about that!

I think that’s it. If I remember anything else, I’ll post.

Also, someone asked about the gross/dry weight and the tank capacities. I think 5100 may be the gross weight instead of the dry weight. I’ll find out for sure and post. The water heater is 6 gallons. The tanks…I need to find out from Fleetwood. I’ll post when I get the info.

Gross weight: 5100 lbs
Dry weight: 3390 lbs
Fresh water tank: 40 gallons
Black water tank: 40 gallons
Grey water tank: 26 gallons
Hot water heater: 6 gallons
Hitch: 360

dsc02590_600.jpg dsc02591_600.jpg dsc02592_600.jpg dsc02593_600.jpg dsc02594_600.jpg dsc02595_600.jpg dsc02596_600.jpg dsc02597_600.jpg dsc02598_600.jpg dsc02599_600.jpg dsc02600_6001.jpg dsc02601_600.jpg dsc02602_600.jpg dsc02603_600.jpg