Town chores today. Resupply, post office, grocery store, lumber store for denatured alcohol for my stove (which they gave to me for free), and a haircut. Met Paul (my trail angel from Buena Vista) for a walk around the Salida Arts Festival. Then out to supper with Bill and Keith, fellow thru-hikers. Then one more chore to do – head to Walmart for Nutella. I was NOT getting back on the trail for 7 days without my Nutella. And Safeway didn’t have it. It could only be procured from the Walmart on the other side of town.

With storms brewing, I tied Cassie on the back porch of the hostel, grabbed a rickety bike the hostel made available, and headed the 2 miles to Walmart. It was worth every pedal and every raindrop.

Returned to the hostel and got a shower to get the itchiness off of me from the haircut, did wash again to get the hair off my clothes so I wouldn’t itch all week, and headed to bed for an early start in the morning.