Spent the weekend in the wilds of north central PA on the Black Forest trail – a 42 mile loop trail. I decided to not take pictures of all the great views because you really can’t fully appreciate the whole experience unless you’re there. Words and pictures wouldn’t do it justice. It’s not the towering snow-peaked mountains of the Rockies but the area is just as beautiful in its own right. The variety of the vegetation (Pigged out wild blueberries and wintergreen berries along much of the trail), the landscape, the micro climates, etc. Absolutely beautiful.

And Charlie was a real trooper. He did 2 consecutive 17 mile days and was still up and raring to go the next morning. He’s 9 years old and only 10 pounds but he’s a tough little guy.

Finished the hike Monday morning and then headed over to Wellsboro and Pine Creek Outfitters where I rented a kayak for a couple hours of paddling on the Pine Creek and then headed home with a stop at a Chinese buffet in Selinsgrove.

Great adventure. I think I’m ready to thru hike the Appalachian Trail.

For future reference:
Mountain Laurel peaked late June.
Blueberries will be at their height late July.
Rhododendrum was at its peak but there wasn’t much of them.