October 2008

NOTE: See edits at the end of this text. Ebay will not allow me to add to the description

1992 Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer – 19 footer. I’m the second owner and it’s been well taken care of by me and the former owner. It passed PA state inspection last month and registration is up-to-date. There are 2 – 30lb propane tanks on the back that are about 4 years old. Battery was replaced last month. Everything works – water pump, oven, stove, lights, shower, toilet, etc. There are no problems that I know of other than the tires. I replaced 1 of the tires at inspection and the other 3 will probably need to be replaced in the near future. Includes a bunch of extras including the stabilizers, hoses, hookups, outdoor shower, etc.

7-day money back guarantee (less Ebay, Paypal, and shipping/pickup costs) if you’re not completely satisfied.

Located in central PA – 20 miles east of Harrisburg. Call 717-867-0473 and leave message to schedule an appointment to view. Or let me know if there’s something specific you want a picture of and I’ll post it. Contact info.


Edits – Forgot to mention:

1.When I bought it 4 years ago, the awning had a hole in one of the corners. I opened it up once to look at it. Seemed ok other than that. Haven’t had it open since.

2. On two of the windows, there is a problem. They crank open fine but don’t crank closed. You have to go outside and push them closed. I think it’s just the knobs that need replaced. Forgot about that!

I think that’s it. If I remember anything else, I’ll post.

Also, someone asked about the gross/dry weight and the tank capacities. I think 5100 may be the gross weight instead of the dry weight. I’ll find out for sure and post. The water heater is 6 gallons. The tanks…I need to find out from Fleetwood. I’ll post when I get the info.

Gross weight: 5100 lbs
Dry weight: 3390 lbs
Fresh water tank: 40 gallons
Black water tank: 40 gallons
Grey water tank: 26 gallons
Hot water heater: 6 gallons
Hitch: 360

dsc02590_600.jpg dsc02591_600.jpg dsc02592_600.jpg dsc02593_600.jpg dsc02594_600.jpg dsc02595_600.jpg dsc02596_600.jpg dsc02597_600.jpg dsc02598_600.jpg dsc02599_600.jpg dsc02600_6001.jpg dsc02601_600.jpg dsc02602_600.jpg dsc02603_600.jpg

When I applied for the web dev job at PCAR, I listed my blog site on the cover letter of my resume so that whoever was doing the interviewing could get an idea of who I was. In my blog was this posting. So Harold, my boss, had fair warning in what he was getting into by hiring me. He hired me anyway. And below is the result. Together with Andrea, another member of the IT team at PCAR, we did a little “decorating” for his birthday. H.A.R.D. would be so proud.

img00052.jpg img000511.jpg img00050.jpg img00049.jpg img00048.jpg img00047.jpg img00046.jpg img00045.jpg img00044.jpg img00043.jpg

What a week! Ugh. Started off with a bad 14 mile run last Saturday that I barely made it through. Continued with trying to figure out a networking problem at work that took half the organization off the internet and phones. Then on to the stress of ending a relationship with a web company. All that culminated in a run on Thursday where I didn’t even make it 3 miles, broke down and bawled in front of our entire running group (how embarrassing!), and then landed in the doctors office Thursday afternoon. Sheesh. Just shoot me already.

Things started looking up on Friday though. Went out Friday after work with the runners intending to take it mile by mile. After not eating or sleeping well all week, my expectations were low. I had Shawn on standby to come pick me up when I reached my limit. 16 miles later, I was still feeling pretty good. Yeayyy! I’m back on track for the marathon training.

Went hiking this morning with some people from work, foolishly intending to do maybe 10 miles. Hah. A couple of miles in I started fading. Thankfully, Sally and Jen kept an interesting conversation going that carried me along. But about 3 miles in I’d had it, admitted I was spent and we turned around and headed back out. Sorry for cutting it short, ladies! You were such good troopers!

jen_sally.jpgWe stopped at a diner and had some brunch on the way back. Mmmm, tuna melt sandwich. Maybe eating healthy isn’t so bad! And of course, the company made the meal. It’s so nice to be around people that are courteous and thoughtful when the world can be so full of jerks sometimes. So, thanks for a great hike Sally and Jen. I promise I’ll be perkier next time!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!