dsc00124-sm.jpgHad a fantastic day today in Lancaster, PA making my way through a corn maze with some friends. It was Carol’s birthdayfest and this was one leg of the celebration that kicked off last evening at Color-Me-Mine and will end with kayaking on the Susquehanna River on Sunday.

dsc00126-sm.jpgI had been to a corn maze in Reading last year and was expecting this to be the same – get a card with the maze printed on it and find your way through it to different points where you get your map punched to show you’d reached each station. This one had a twist to it. You had to find your way through the 5-acre maze to get a little 1/15 piece of the map to stick on your paper. The more pieces of the map you could find, the easier it was to navigate to the other pieces.

Since there were six of us in the group, we split up into 2 groups – the speedsters (Carol, Neal, and me) and the saunterers (Dayna, Sally, and Dayna’s daughter). The three of us headed out and started wandering around….taking all left turns. Having no idea where we were going, we devised a system. We’d get to a place with multiple intersections and then go on a reconnaissance mission. One of us would stay put as the anchor and then the other two would venture out as far as we dared go without getting lost. If we found one of the mailboxes where the map pieces were hidden, we’d make a ruckus and the other two would find their way over. If not, we’d meet back at the anchor point. We were pretty proud of our system and the speed that we were making our way through the maze. We had 6 or 7 pieces when we bumped into the other group. They were sauntering around aimlessly and they had collected 9 pieces!!!!!!!! Ahhhh! :-\

The three of us regrouped with renewed purpose. We put Neal in charge of the map and deciding where he thought the pieces would be. I swear he could sniff them out because he took us right to several of them. Along the way we also took time to play on the various obstacles. A short zipline, a bike hooked up to spray water when you peddled it, a tightrope walk, a winding slide, etc.

dsc00127-sm.jpg dsc00128-sm.jpg

We collected all our pieces and made our way out of the maze in an hour and 40 minutes. About 45 minutes later, the other group surrendered and requested a search and rescue from the maze staff. We headed back to the cars tired and hungry, comparing maze stories. We chowed down at Applebee’s with some lively discussions. :-)

It was a great day with great company and great weather.

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