Almost any road that crossed over the Swatara Creek was flooded out June 28 through June 30, 2006 from all the crazy rain we had during the week and a half prior (3 days of which I was backpacking…ARGH!!!). I was stuck at the shop for two nights until the waters receded. Well, ok, if I had wanted to drive an hour out of my way to get home, I could have used I-83 and I-81. I took a drive on Wednesday, June 28 to check out the rising water. Here are the pics I took:

Swatara at Harper’s Tavern – 5 miles north of Annville

DSC01459.jpg DSC01458.jpg DSC01460.jpg DSC01461.jpg DSC01462.jpg

DSC01463.jpg DSC01464.jpg DSC01466.jpg DSC01465.jpg

These are from the same area but show where the Swatty has flooded the farmer’s fields. The creek should be on the other side of the tree line!

DSC01467.jpg DSC01468.jpg DSC01469.jpg DSC01457.jpg DSC01456.jpg


These are from the Quitty Creek where Syner and Palmyra-Bellegrove Roads meet:

DSC01470.jpg DSC01471.jpg DSC01472.jpg

These are from Syner Road just north of the quarry:

DSC01473.jpg DSC01474.jpg

I heard on the radio today that Gov. Rendell is trying to get most of PA classified as a disaster area to get funds from the federal government for cleanup.