I was talked into going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with some friends. :-\ We left from Annville, PA on Saturday morning, Nov. 12, and returned Monday evening, Nov 14th. The drive took about 10 hours each way.

I snapped a few pics that I thought people would appreciate:

This one is for Dave. No explanation necessary!

For no one specific, but thought “The Love Shack” was hilarious.

This is for Dad, just in case he runs out of ideas for building projects, he can always build a porch on top of Dave’s 5th wheel!

Despite the motorhome/travel trailer stuff, it was a fun trip. Got to go running on the beach a couple times. And took a dip in the ocean the morning we left in 50ยบ air temp! The ocean water was warmer than the hotel pool water!

Just before sunrise and my morning run:

The morning run:

Taking a dip in the ocean after the sunrise run:

And a view of the hotels down the beach: